U.S. generates 25 billion pounds of clothing waste per year. 85% or 21.3 billion pounds end up in landfills each year.

Clothing Brands Solving the Problem

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a recycling approach where manufacturers take responsibility for managing the recycling of the products they produce when the product is at the end of its useful life. Manufacturers who support EPR provide and easy and convenient way for consumers to recycle their old products.



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"I was shopping for some outfits for a new job I was starting and the clothing store told me I could recycle my old clothing with Clothing Take Back. I was quite surprised because I had just thrown away a lot of clothing because I didn’t know where to take it. Now anytime I go clothing shopping I make sure I stop by one of there recycling bins".

Anonymous Consumer

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We provide a full service clothing recycling program for your customers.

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Join our nationwide clothing recycling program for your residents.

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